Mexico Facility

The Veracruz’s factory has a planned design to optimize the supply handling in the production process in the different areas. In Preacero exists quality revision in each step of the process, according to the inner demands and the quality standards stablished by the AISC, accomplishing our client’s requirements.

The installed capacity of our fabrication and production center allow us to handle more than 100 tons per day, furthermore we offer to the client competitive material disposition time thanks to our more than 10.000² of backyards. We can reach this because of the following equipment:

  • 2 shotblasting lines
  • 1 shotblasting chamber
  • 4 CNC drill and saw lines
  • 3 CNC plate lines
  • 1 CNC pipe cutting line
  • 2 beam welding lines
  • 1 Angle profile cutting line
  • 1 bending profile line

Production area

  • Enable and perforation, department in charge of the material preparation depending on the project needs, which could be made by oxycut or drill
  • Assembling and Welding, department in charge of the correct fixed and joint of the pieces in their specific places, according to the plans, accomplishing the dimensional standards and quality to ensure its correct mounting.
  • Coating, this department prepares the material surface with shotblasting or solvents processes for the forward coating application different painting systems on each project.

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