In Preacero we have a Quality and Certificaction Management System, wich allow us to endorse before our customers and competitors as an enterprise able to perform and ensure quality projects. This certifications support our processes and reduce deficiencies in the projects made for each customer.

That’s why we stablish a Quality Policy wich states the next: “Preacero Pellizzari is committed to supplying products of the highest quality, meeting the requirements we have previously agreed with our customers, trough the use of a qualified human resource, responsible and committed with continuous improvement of processes and effectiveness of our Quality Management System”.

Nowadays we have the AISC Steel Fabricator certification, this certification endorse us a fixed metal structures suppliers ruled by industry production standards and confirm that we have the necessary technical knowledge, personnel, experience, equipment and commitment to produce and export quality metal structures.

Continuous Improvement:

The excellence reached by Preacero Pellizzari it’s because of the continuous improvement kept in our processes as a fundamental target of management and constant performance projects self-assessment.

Because of this, we give to our personnel the necessary resources and the authority to develop improvement projects to generate the changes that boost the growth of our organization, guarantee the customers satisfaction and keep the quality levels demanded by the national and international markets.


In Preacero Pellizzari we design and produce our products in order to the adoption and accomplishment of the technical and administrative standards applied to the industrial sector, it allow us to optimize the processes and worth our customers trust offering quality products and safety.

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