Human Resources

Working in Preacero Pellizzari means develop your professional career inside a Company focused int quality and vanguard. Means working with the higher quality standards, oriented to satisfy efficiently the demanding metallurgical market’s requirements. Means the constant pursuit of excellence in its processes, in its business and in its personnel development.

We are a Family

Preacero Pellizzari has more than 1.000,00 collaborators in its facilities including workers, technicians and professionals.

We Offer

  • Pleasurable work environment
  • We have the necessary infrastructure, equipment and elements to create and promote a healthy environment based in fellowship.



We have more than 60 year in the market, keeping on as a solid and stable enterprise, facing the variable macroeconomic environment.

Personnel Training and Develop

We train and form our personnel in order to update the new technologies knowledge and the practices that improve the products and the production’s processes.

Permanent Growing and Human and Professional Develop

We count with a system that allow us to offer multiple develop solutions to our collaborators.

Competitive Compensation

Our compensation structure put us as one of the most competitive enterprises in this subject inside Venezuela.


We encourage a constructive and personalized leadership style, based in respect attitude.


We promote the inner innovation, motivating our personnel to find improvement spaces in our processes, our work environment and in our products.

We want the best:

  • People who assume challenges and face them in a creative and enthusiastic way.
  • People commited with its work and quality.
  • People who want to add with its capability and experience.
  • Leaders with the ability to integrate work teams and to get achievements with respect and team work.
  • People who offer solutions.
  • People capable to act against obstacles.
  • People who do their best.
  • People who look excellence in everything they do.
  • People who make things with effort.
  • People with social sensibility, disposed to return the community what have received.


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