About Us

We are an enterprise with more than 60 years of experience in the metal structure fabrication and engineering development for different projects. Thanks to the quality of our services we have become a South America’s referent for the metal industry.

The big demand of the metalworking manufactured products requested by the industrial and oil developers, the hydroelectric projects, the thermoelectric plants, the bridges and viaducts, the Caracas subway, among others; have boosted us to reach the national market and in the facilities planning, develop and enforcement. Because of this we have strengthen our welding beam and any metal structure manufacture.


What endures si the product of work and constancy. Therefore we commit ourselves to our customers responsibly, surpassing ourselves continuously to satisfy efficiently.


Being the structural steel leader in high complexity of the Latin American market.


  • Respect Integrity Responsibility Improvement
  • Efficiency
  • Trust and Cooperation

Our competitive advantages: Quality, Delivery opportunity and Personnel. About the personnel the approach in the care and talent development, basing us in the performance management and in a leadership model, which is developed by the self-knowledge to manage itself and in this way could manage work teams.

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